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The Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program

The Danter Company has prepared this special resource collection for those interested in the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program. The LIHTC program has been one of the most important programs providing affordable housing in the United States since its inception.  The Danter Company has been conducting market feasibility studies for LIHTC projects since 1987.  The Danter Company is a member of the National Council of Affordable Housing Market Analysts.

Basic Information:

Statistical Overview of the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program (now updated for 2008 allocations)

Information Resources

Low Income Housing Tax Credit Maximum Income and Rent Database Query Form:   

     Updated for 2015 (Effective 3/06/15)
Input the state and county and find out the area median rent, maximum incomes by household size, and maximum rents by unit size.

Fair Market Rent Database
    **Now updated for 2015 (effective 10/1/2014)**
     Due to changes in the way Fair Market Rents are calculated, we have created a separate database for Fair Market Rents that takes into account new FMR-only designated areas, and that now works properly for New England.

Qualified Census Tracts *Updated for 2015 eligible areas*

Difficult Development Areas  *Updated for 2015 eligible areas*

Get notified when we update FMRs, Area Median Incomes, QCTs and DDAs by following our Blog
Current Metropolitan Statistical Area Definitions

Find Local Housing Agencies:
    Query our database of local agencies by state for address and phone numbers

Special Report: "The Impact of LIHTC Development on Local Schools."   We examined the number of children per household at LIHTC projects and compared these data with national household trends.  Available in HTML or Acrobat formats.


Danter Company LIHTC Services


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