Town Centers/Lifestyle Centers: Methodologies

Danter and Associates has worked with some of the pioneers of the town center concept to help refine our approach to town center development.

It All Begins With the Market Area

We understand the importance of synergy and the importance of creating a destination that will attract residents and consumers from well beyond the traditional market area.  Our experience surveying consumers and existing town/lifestyle center residents, as well as tracking license plates at existing town centers and Internet survey capacity, gives us the ability to create the most accurate market area.

Innovative Market Research

Once we have the most accurate market area, we apply our 38 years of market research experience to combine a thorough base of field survey data with the most accurate secondary data to create a thorough profile of your market area.  From this profile, we can apply capture factors that we have established from thorough study of town center development in markets across the country to establish the critical performance benchmarks that you need to inform your development.

  • We survey existing competitive residential and retail development, identify existing residential market performance, and quantify the expected premiums that can be achieved in a town center setting.

  • We provide a retail supply/demand analysis that identifies not only underperforming market segments, but also "destination" retail components that can attract consumers on a region-wide basis.

  • We identify entertainment components that can help establish the unique destination nature for your town center.