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Meeting Facility Market Studies

Danter and Associates meeting facility market studies identify the market for additional meeting/convention space.  For information about the different types of meeting facilities available, see our meeting facility primer.  While the recommendations will vary somewhat whether the meeting facility under consideration is an exhibition hall, convention center, or conference center, the components of study remain similar for all types of meeting facilities.  Following are the typical components of a meeting facility study, which can be altered to meet your particular objectives.

Conclusions and Recommendations

  • Amount of supportable space at the subject site
  • Competitive amenity package
  • Recommended space allocation by use (exhibit, meeting, breakout rooms)
  • Expected fee structure
  • Expected revenue and projected expenses
  • Expected support by user type
  • Marketing strategies, if appropriate
  • In addition conference center studies will typically include recommendations for associated lodging development as well as an analysis of the synergism of the guest and meeting rooms.

Supply/Demand Analysis

Supply is identified through a 100% field survey of area meeting facility development (exhibition hall/convention center/conference center) including the following characteristics:

  • Year opened
  • Square footage and distribution by room type (auditorium, exhibit hall, breakout rooms)
  • Total visitors and/or events
  • Usage by type of user (local, government, association, etc.)
  • Services offered
  • Capacity by type of use (banquet, classroom, etc.)
  • Food service rates and policies
  • Marketing strategies
  • Usage fees and rental rates
  • Recreational amenities
  • Audio-visual amenities
  • Conference center development will also typically include a thorough field survey of lodging supply

Demand for meeting facility development is established through

  • Demographic profiling of the Competitive Market Area, with particular emphasis on local and regional employers, groups, and organizations
  • Interviews with meeting planners
  • Interviews with real estate professionals, particularly those involved with travel/tourism
  • Estimates of the non-commercial meeting market (weddings, interest and service groups, church groups, etc.)
  • Capture factors established through case studies
  • Case studies may be conducted to identify market response to similar projects and lessons learned
  • Conference center development will also typically include a thorough analysis of lodging demand based on established industry capture factors

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For more information on meeting facility studies, please call Terry Hall at (614) 221-9096 or e-mail us at



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