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Real Estate Consulting and Research Services

Danter and Associates offers real estate consulting and research services on a variety of issues, with particular emphasis on market response to a variety of product. Often, development and pricing decisions are based on a cost analysis (how much does the property or amenity cost to develop and maintain), rather than a market perspective (how much will the market pay).  Our real estate consulting expertise has been honed by over 40 years of real estate research, including market feasibility study and proprietary consumer preference and behavior surveys.

Our real estate consulting services include the following:

  •  We can provide you with the evaluation of the following from a market performance perspective:
    • Site plans
    • Floor plans
    • Amenity packages
    • Project concept and targeting
    • Marketing strategies
    • Phasing strategies
  • Market issues affecting underperforming properties, including strategic rehabilitation study
  • Development alternatives for a specific site based on potential market performance
  • Market potential for specific markets and submarkets.  We can study several markets, submarkets, or individual site locations based on key characteristics and rank them for potential performance.
  • Consumer preference and behavior surveys
  • Case studies of similar developments, including lessons learned.
  • Housing action plan and strategy development for a downtown area, a city, a county, or an entire metropolitan area.
  • Marketing evaluation - we can provide critical evaluation of your marketing material and strategies, combined with shopping reports. In addition, we can provide training in lifestyle marketing.

We would love to speak with you about putting our 40+ years of expertise to use for you. For more information, please call Terry Hall at (614) 221-9096 during business hours (8 am to 5 pm) Eastern US time, or e-mail us at

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