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Golf Course Community Market Studies

Our golf course community studies will establish existing and future levels of support for your planned golf course and residential developments.

Conclusions and Recommendations


  • Suitability of overall site for development as it relates to the market
  • Identification of appropriate residential (single-family, for-sale multifamily, for-rent multifamily, zero-lot line or patio homes) mix to maximize revenue potential 
  • Support for residential development by type of unit and price range
  • Analysis of site plan from market perspective in order to maximize revenue and absorption through identifying premium and nonpremium lots, as well as a market analysis of the integration of the course and the residential lots
  • Absorption projections for each residential type studied
  • Project and unit amenity packages competitive with area developments
  • Marketing strategies, if appropriate, to maximize the synergy between the golf and residential portions of the development
Golf Course: 
  • Projected number of rounds played
  • Competitive amenity package
  • Suggested golf fee structure
  • Expected support by user type
  • Marketing strategies, if appropriate

Supply/Demand Analysis

Our conclusions/recommendations are based on a thorough inspection of the site and identification of an Effective Market Area (EMA) for  both golf course and residential development for the subject site. The EMA is the smallest geographic area expected to generate the most support for the subject site. The EMA is based on population, existing highway development, existing golf course development, existing residential development and interviews with area real estate and golfing professionals.

Golf Course 

Supply is identified through a 100% field survey of area golf course development, including the following characteristics:

  • Year opened
  • Number of holes
  • Total yardage
  • Type of course (public/private)
  • Annual rounds played
  • Membership fees
  • Greens fees/cart fees
  • Number of members by type (golf, social)
  • Leagues and number of participants
  • Golf facility amenities
  • Additional recreational amenities (swimming, tennis)
  • Services offered
  • Food service rates and policies
  • Banquet capability and policies
  • Marketing strategies

Using capture factors based on area demographic profiles, interviews with those familiar with the area golf market, and rounds played at area golf courses by course type, we identify whether the area has a surplus or deficit of golf courses by type of course.  These calculations are then used to project additional golf course potential and support. 


Supply is identified through a  field survey of EMA single-family development  to determine the following:

  1. Lot and home prices
  2. Age of development/platting dates by phase
  3. Absorption rate
  4. Project amenities
  5. Lot sizes
  6. Development topographical features (i.e., wooded, rolling, waterfront)
  7. Developer
  8. Primary builder(s)

Using capture factors based on area demographic profiles, interviews with those familiar with the area residential market, and existing single-family absorption levels, we identify whether the area has a surplus or deficit of lots by price range and premium type.  These calculations are then used to project additional single-family development potential and support. 

We can also identify support for additional residential types as well, including for-sale multifamily (condominium), and for-rent multifamily and integrate those conclusions into an overall residential development alternatives package.

For more information on golf course community studies, please call Terry Hall at (614) 221-9096 during business hours (8 am to 5 pm) Eastern US time, or e-mail us at

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