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Retail Market Studies

Following is a synopsis of the components typically included within a market feasibility study for retail development.

Effective Market Area (EMA)

The EMA is based on existing household and income trends, traffic patterns, and an examination of existing retail configurations and retail spending patterns.

100% Field Survey

A 100% field survey of retail facilities is conducted in the EMA to identify existing retail facilities and identify potential retail opportunities. The survey identifies the following information for each retail facility:

  1. Retail Centers
    • Anchor tenant(s)
    • Year opened
    • Square footage available
    • Square footage by individual facility
    • Rent per square foot
    • Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code for each retail facility
    • Quality or appearance evaluation
  2. Freestanding retail facilities
    • Square footage
    • SIC code

Surplus/Deficit Analysis

  1. Total area retail expenditures are identified based on the area's Effective Buying Income.
  2. Established capture factors are applied to the total area retail expenditures to determine the amount of total supportable retail space in the EMA by SIC code.
  3. The amount of supportable space for each SIC code is subtracted from existing space to determine whether a surplus or deficit exists for that SIC code.

Conclusions and Recommendations

  1. Identification of retail development possibilities by SIC code.
  2. Identification of support components for retail development at the proposed site.
  3. Marketing strategies to enhance retail development potential at the site, if necessary.
  4. Recommendations for rate structure.
  5. Anticipated absorption schedule.

For more information, please call Terry Hall at (614) 221-9096 during business hours (8 am to 5 pm) Eastern US time, or e-mail us at

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