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The Danter Real Estate Research Archives


We're now posting much of our ongoing research on our blog.  For all the latest information, visit us there.  However, we have 20+ years of historical real estate market research, methodology, advice and best practices archived on this site that we hope you will enjoy and use.

Special Reports/Articles

A variety of special reports are available on such topics as comparable market rent, market feasibility vs. appraisals, the number of children in LIHTC housing, and what constitutes a vacancy and research on golf course/residential development.

  Complete list of special reports

Apartment Resources/Danter Report

Apartment Resources is a periodical in which we have featured the best market insights and research findings based on analyses of apartment markets across the country. When we decided to expand beyond the apartment market, we changed the name of the newsletter to The Danter Report.  We are no longer publishing the newsletter, but we do maintain an e-mail list for those who would like to be notified when we post new articles of interest

A listing of Apartment Resources articles by topics in table format is available by clicking below:

Article Topic Index (table format)

A listing of Apartment Resources articles by topic in non-table format is available by clicking below:

Article Topic Index (non-table format)

Following is a listing of issues of Apartment Resources available in Adobe Acrobat format.  Click below to see a listing by year:

Note: In order to conserve space and improve download time, many issues have articles that were not converted into the Acrobat format. These articles present dated statistics that are no longer of general interest (though current at the time), contain graphics that we were unable to successfully convert into the Acrobat format, or discuss product that we no longer offer. If you should see an article listed in a table of contents that interests you and is not present in the electronic copy, e-mail us and we will be happy to send you a free reprint.


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