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Apartment Resources, 1987

Following is a list of Apartment Resources issues published in 1987 and available in Adobe Acrobat format, beginning with the most recent:

December 1987

  • Market Hotline: Apartments near airports and other topics
  • A Profile of Today's Move-in: Apartment shoppers who will definitely be moving in the next 12 months
  • The Gentle Art of Nichemanship: How target marketing can help your bottom line.

Download/view December 1987 Apartment Resources

November 1987

  • Market Hotline: Individual unit pricing and other topics.
  • The Ultimate Fallacy Symbol: Low capture factors are nice, but if applied to the wrong market area they can lead to disaster.
  • Mobility Patterns: An insider look at mobility trends.

Download/view November 1987 Apartment Resources

October 1987

  • Market Hotline: Older adult renters and other topics.
  • Catching the Third Wave: Don't forget about pipeline product.
  • Knowing your Market: The Amenity Index defined and illustrated.
  • Density and Plant Parenthood: How grounds appearance and density affect your bottom line.

Download/view October 1987 Apartment Resources

September 1987

  • Market Hotline: Media misreporting and other topics.
  • Vacancy Rates: Not all vacancy rates are the same. Some definitions.
  • No-Growth Markets--A Moving Experience: A no-population-growth market may be gaining households.
  • Gap Management--The Key to Balanced Absorption: Why the difference between what you charge for unit types is important.

Download/view September 1987 Apartment Resources

August 1987: The First Issue

  • Market Hotline: The Rust Belt is hot, and other topics.
  • The Effective Market Area The EMA defined.
  • Older Adults: Survey results on older adults in multifamily housing.

Download/view August 1987 Apartment Resources

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