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Apartment Resources, 1988

Following is a list of Apartment Resources issues published in 1988 and available in Adobe Acrobat format, beginning with the most recent:

December 1988

  • Antiquated Unit Design: Market Hotline discusses unit design and other topics
  • A Profile of Ms. Tenant: They're single females, and they're a high proportion of your tenants. Find out what they want in an apartment.

Download/view December 1988 Apartment Resources

November 1988

  • Update on adults only development laws: Market hotline discusses adults only developments and other topics
  • Apartment Shoppers with Children--Warming Trends: Do shoppers with children prefer gas or electric? Find out.
  • The Children's Hour: Demographics and preferences of apartment renters with children.

Download/view November 1988 Apartment Resources

October 1988

  • Retiring Tenants Speak Out: Market hotline discusses elderly renters and other topics
  • Families Who Shop Together...: What about renter families with children? Some surprising answers from our POP Surveys.
  • Tenant Lifestyles--Garden vs. Townhouse Tenants: Part 3 of our series examining differences in these tenant groups.

Download/view October 1988 Apartment Resources

September 1988

  • Human Engineering for Apartments: Designing your apartments so they are better for elderly renters, and other Market Hotline topics.
  • Tenant Lifestyles:Garden vs. Townhouse Tenants: Part 2 of our series examining differences between these two tenant groups.
  • Hula Hoops, Nehru Jackets, and Rent Collection: Debunking some myths about rent collection.

Download/view September 1988 Apartment Resources

August 1988

  • Shoppers With a Purpose: Why renters are moving.
  • Tenant Lifestyles:Garden vs. Townhouse Tenants: Part 1 of our series examining differences between these two tenant groups.

Download/view August 1988 Apartment Resources

June1 1988

  • The Older Adult Market: Market Hotline examines older adult renters and other topics.
  • Apartment Tenants Go To Work: Renters by occupation.
  • Who Wants What--An Analytical Approach to Amenities: Analyzing amenities by demographic/economic characteristics.

Download/view June1 1988 Apartment Resources

April 1988

  • Attitude Adjustment in Product Design: Market Hotline takes on unit design and other topics.
  • How Do Shoppers Rate Rental Agents: What do shoppers really think about your rental agents?
  • Eight Billion Dollars the Hard Way: Most apartment renters would rather own. Find out the implications of this simple fact on your apartment business.

Download/view April 1988 Apartment Resources

March 1988

  • Market Hotline:Special Congregate Care Issue.
  • The Five Pitfalls of Congregate Care Development: Mistakes congregate care developers must avoid for success.

Download/view March 1988 Apartment Resources

February 1988

  • Market Hotline:Construction demand and other topics
  • On the Outside Looking In: How important are landscaping and patios/balconies? You might be surprised.
  • The Moment of Impact:What Renters Remember: What shoppers remember about the apartments they visit. The answers may surprise you.

Download/view February 1988 Apartment Resources

January 1988

  • Market Hotline:When does rent-up end and other topics.
  • How Much is New Worth? A new property's most effective amenity from a marketing standpoint may simply be its newness.
  • Attraction Amenities and Retention Amenities: What attracts renters to your development may not keep them there.

Download/view January 1988 Apartment Resources

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