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Apartment Resources, 1990

Following is a list of Apartment Resources issues published in 1990 available in Adobe Acrobat format, beginning with the most recent:

December 1990

  • A Tale of Two Cities - Atlanta and Houston: An in-depth look at housing development in two major MSAs.

  • Presenting Your Community - Using The Telephone:  Part I of a special series examining apartment community marketing practices based on an aggregation of shopping reports conducted by Danter and Associates

  • When is a Rent Increase Not a Rent Increase? The importance of understanding the difference between real and perceived rent increases

Download/view December 1990 Apartment Resources

November 1990

  • The Three Types of Project Rehabilitation: Sometimes you can rehab an older project without calling a contractor.
  • The Value of a Shopping Report: Sometimes, it's helpful to see your project through someone else's eyes.
  • The Advantages of a Tenant Profile: You've got a personalized market study sitting in your files. Learn how to make it work for you.

Download/view November 1990 Apartment Resources

October 1990

  • A Tale of Two Cities--Cleveland and Phoenix: What happens when developers ingore pipeline product.
  • Where are Your Tenants Coming From? Market base means more than geography. Find out how to integrate geography with demographics, mobility patterns, and economics
  • Guest Cards--Your Powerful Marketing Tools: Using one of your project's best marketing tools that you already have.

Download/view October 1990 Apartment Resources

August 1990

  • What's Hot and What's Not 1990

Download/view August 1990 Apartment Resources

July 1990

Special Telecommuting Issue

  • Home is Where the Office Is: Overview of the telecommuting explosion

  • The Homeworker Explosion: Numbers on telecommuting

  • Appealing to Telecommuters - What Sells

  • Benefiting Telecommuters - Innovations in Amenities

Download/view July 1990 Apartment Resources

June 1990

  • Still Hot? Or Not?: Update on building activity in 1989's What's Hot and What's Not

  • Don't Plug That Gap!: An examination of the principle of gap management, or maintaining appropriate pricing gaps between product to maximize return on investment

Download/view June 1990 Apartment Resources

May 1990

  • Nichemanship: The basics of target marketing as they apply to apartment development

  • Finding the "Family" in "Multifamily": Families as a multifamily target market

Download/view May 1990 Apartment Resources

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