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Apartment Resources, 1991

Following is a list of Apartment Resources issues published in 1991 available in Adobe Acrobat format, beginning with the most recent available:

September 1991

  • The Aggregated POP Surveys--Serious Shoppers and Browsers: Find out the differences between those shoppers that are really planning to move, and those that are just browsing

Download/view September 1991 Apartment Resources

July 1991

  • POP Surveys - A Four-Year Review of Consumer Trends: Aggregated results of our Project Opening Plan (POP) surveys of prospective upscale apartment renters who have visited recently-opened apartment properties

  • What Constitutes a Vacancy? A look at the various ways one can define vacancy

Download/view July 1991 Apartment Resources

June 1991

  • Single-Parent Households and Tax Credit: A special distribution from our groundbreaking survey of households eligible for Low Income Housing Tax Credit unit residency

  • Housing Starts: What Housing professionals should know about how housing starts data are gathered and reported

Download/view June 1991 Apartment Resources

May 1991

  • The Tax Credit Survey: Danter and Associates's groundbreaking survey of households eligible for Low Income Housing Tax Credit residency

  • Elderly and Non-Elderly: Distribution of Tax Credit Survey respondents based on age

Download/view May 1991 Apartment Resources

April 1991

  • The Three Most Important Criteria in Real Estate: Hint - they're not "Location, Location, Location"

  • Presenting Your Community: Part V - The Tour

  • Free Rent and Rental Incentives: Know the true cost of incentives

Download/view April 1991 Apartment Resources

March 1991

  • Space - The First Frontier: Planning and evaluating your apartment's space usage with the shopper in mind

  • Presenting Your Community: Part IV - The Sales Presentation

  • What Every Rental Agent Should Know: A clip and save checklist

Download/view March 1991 Apartment Resources

February 1991

  • Here Come the Twentysomethings: Changing demographics for the 90s

  • Presenting Your Community: Part III - The Rental Office

  • The Housing Needs Myth: People mostly make housing decisions based on what they want, not what they need

Download/view February 1991 Apartment Resources

January 1991

  • Don't Forget to Look Up: Your pricing and absorption are capped by higher-priced, higher-quality properties
  • How Important is Your School District? For tenants without children, not very
  • Presenting Your Community: Part II - The first 30 seconds, signage and grounds appearance

Download/view January 1991 Apartment Resources

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