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Apartment Resources, 1992

Following is a list of Apartment Resources issues published in 1992 available in Adobe Acrobat format, beginning with the most recent.

December 1992

  • The Aggregated POP Surveys by Gender and Income: Upscale apartment shoppers and their amenity preferences by gender and income
  • Bigger is Not Necessarily Better: Big projects save money on economy of scale, but they lose money because they fail to maximize rent. Read why.

Download/view December 1992 Apartment Resources

November 1992

  • The Five Pitfalls of Congregate Care Development: What every developer should know before beginning congregate care development plans
  • Congregate Care Market Case Studies: The congregate care markets of Columbus, Dayton, and Indianapolis studied.
  • The Congregate Care Surveys: Aggregated results of telephone surveys of elderly households across the country.

Download/view November 1992 Apartment Resources

October 1992

  • A Profile of Elderly Renters from the 1989 American Housing Survey: What you should know about a very important niche market
  • Why We Need a National Apartment Rent and Vacancy Report Now: Good decisions need good base research data, which multifamily has been missing

Download/view October 1992 Apartment Resources

September 1992

  • The Aggregated POP Surveys--The Singles: We have divided singles into several subgroups that differ in their demographic profile and mobility tendencies.

Download/view September 1992 Apartment Resources

August 1992

  • Who's Moving--Geographical Mobility in 1989-90: Renters and owners and who is moving to what type of unit. Based on a Census report.

Download/view August 1992 Apartment Resources

July 1992

  • The Market Study in Your Files: Putting your tenant applications to work for you.

Download/view July 1992 Apartment Resources

June 1992

  • Recent-Mover Rental Households: Results from the American Housing Survey of 1989 about renters who had moved in the 12 months.

Download/view June 1992 Apartment Resources

May 1992: Shopping Report Special Issue

This issue contains reprints of our special series "Presenting Your Community," in which we aggregated the results of shopping reports conducted at communities across the country. We found that leasing agents are making some very basic mistakes that can affect a community's closing rate, and bottom line. This series had five parts:

  • Using the Telephone
  • Signage and Grounds Appearance
  • The Rental Office
  • The Sales Presentation
  • The Tour

Download/view May 1992 Apartment Resources

April 1992

  • POP Surveys--Married With Children: A special distribution of our apartment shoppers survey to highlight the characteristics and preferences of married apartment shoppers with children.

Download/view April 1992 Apartment Resources

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