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Apartment Resources/Danter Report, 1993 to 1997

Summer 1997

Special issue focusing on for-sale residential development and marketing containing the following articles:

  • Who's the Victim of Antigrowth Regulation?: People who advocate antigrowth positions are only hurting their own communities. Find out why
  • Making it Easier to Buy a New Home: Some elementary mistakes that your new home sales staff might be making.
  • Gap Management and For-Sale Housing: Fine-tuning your pricing can even your absorption and increase your bottom line
  • Enhancing Condominium Absorption Through Landscaping: Landscaping is often the first thing cut when construction budgets run over. Find out how this could end up costing you in absorption.

Download/view Summer 1997 Danter Report

July 1996

Summary of articles in the July 1996 issue:

  • Where Are Your Tenants Coming From?: A discussion of the dynamics of step-up and step-down support within the multifamily market.
  • The Value of Strategic Rehabilitation: How rehabbing your marketing and pricing procedures may be the first step toward turning around a project--before the aggravation and hassle of rehabbing units.

Download/view July 1996 Danter Report

October 1995

  • Being There: A Guide to Danter and Associates Methodology: This article explains in great detail Danter and Associates's methodology, including the Effective Market Area, Rent/Value Analysis, and the 100% database.

Download/view October 1995 Danter Report

December 1994

  • How Accurate are Fair Market Rents: The results of a phone survey we conducted and the impact of our findings on Fair Market Rents.

Download/view December 1994 Apartment Resources

November 1994

  • The New Clubhouse: The trend toward targeted communities has changed the function of the clubhouse.
  • Defining Comparable Properties: How we use the 100% database and regression analysis to take the guesswork out of determining comps.

Download/view November 1994 Apartment Resources

October 1993

  • Cover Your Ears:The Next Multifamily Boom is Coming--Or Is It? How to prepare for the next big multifamily boom, when and if it comes

Download/view October 1993 Apartment Resources

September 1993

  • Renters and home Affordability 1991: The results of a Census Bureau survey on how many renters could not afford single-family housing and the reasons why.

Download/view September 1993 Apartment Resources

August 1993

  • Apartment Shoppers By Age:The Aggregated POP Surveys: Survey results of our aggregated surveys of apartment shoppers and their preferences. Results aggregated by age.

Download/view August 1993 Apartment Resources

July 1993

  • Recent-mover Renters, 1991: A study of renters who had moved in the 12 months prior to the American Housing Survey of 1991.

Download/view July 1993 Apartment Resources

June 1993

  • Old Myth, New Setting:GIS and Location, Location, Location: Using only a GIS to make critical site decisions, without doing the primary field work, is asking for trouble.

Download/view June 1993 Apartment Resources

May 1993

  • Recent Market Vacancy Trends: Excerpt from Ken Danter's Mortgage Banking article on what we've seen in apartment markets across the country.
  • The Fallacy of Capture Factors:Sure, you have a low capture factor, but if you have the wrong market area, you could be headed for disaster.

Download/view May 1993 Apartment Resources

April 1993

  • Profile of First-Time Homebuyers: A profile of first-time homebuyers from the 1989 American Housing Survey, special for Apartment Resources.

Download/view April 1993 Apartment Resources

March 1993

  • Market Feasibility and Appraisals: The difference between market feasibility studies and appraisals, and why the methodology for one is not suited to the other

Download/view March 1993 Apartment Resources

February 1993

  • What is Market Rent? The only scientific way to determine market-driven rent at any amenity level.

Download/view February 1993 Apartment Resources

January 1993

  • Renting Value Instead of Cost--The Importance of Quality Landscaping: We examined the dollars and cents impact of quality landscaping, with results that might surprise you.

Download/view January 1993 Apartment Resources



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