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Who Can Live in an LIHTC Unit?

A Tax Credit Unit can be occupied by any household whose income does not exceed the maximum allowable income for their household size.  (See How are LIHTC Rents determined?)

In addition, LIHTC units can also be occupied by households using HUD Section 8 Vouchers, provided that the LIHTC rent being charged is equal to or lower than the area's Fair Market Rent (FMR). LIHTC management may not turn down an applicant based solely on Section 8 status.   HUD Section 8 Voucher holders may live in an LIHTC unit with rent exceeding Fair Market Rent; however, the tenant may be responsible for paying the difference between FMR and the LIHTC rent, and will probably need a waiver or permission from the housing authority issuing the voucher to do so.  

Management is responsible for determining whether its tenant households are in compliance with these income requirements.

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